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Venture Development Center

Symmetric Computing is affordable supercomputing. We create true Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP), large shared memory, many core, high performance computers for a fraction of the cost of multi-million dollar mainframe computers. Our supercomputers are ideal for scientists, researchers, engineers, financial analysts, biologists, chemists, physicians, geologists, designers, and others.

By providing massive computational power economically, Symmetric Computing's supercomputers are enabling advancements in bioinformatics & life sciences, computer aided engineering, earth science, energy management and financial analysis. Next generation technologies such as genomic sequencing, personalized medicine, multi-dimensional engineering models, financial analytics, advanced climate forecasting and power grid optimization will greatly benefit from affordable supercomputing.

Symmetric Computing, Inc.

MassChallenge Award Winners!

In October 2010, Symmetric Computing won a MassChallenge Global Start-Up Competition award.

Supercomputing at SC11

Supercomputing 11 at Seattle

Supercomputing at SC12

Supercomputing 12 at Salt Lake City

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